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Welcome to the website of the Classics Programme on the Howard College Campus of the University of KwaZulu-Natal!

Classics opens the doors of opportunity to our students by offering a diverse range of courses that are rooted in classical times but require the application of modern analytical skills. The Classics Programme has a teaching MUSEUM and LIBRARY (known as the Whiteley Library). Our students are enthusiastic about the subject they have chosen to study. For a student essay on why Classics is an important subject today click here.

We offer a range of exciting and dynamic courses to suit a new era in the study of the Classics. The courses on offer allow students not only to develop an appreciation for the classical civilisations but also to equip themselves with important skills required in any sphere of their professional lives. Information Technology plays an important part in the understanding of course material and this site is just one example of the ways in which students are encouraged to use technology as part of their Classics courses. At third-level, students even have the opportunity to design their own website that revolves around a Classics theme.

The Department of Classics is also home to the Museum of Archaeology. The museum houses a number of pieces of classical artifacts including pottery and jewelry.